-T- I think I am transgender now what? (2)

What does it mean to transition? Should I do it?

Some people who come out as transgender are comfortable telling a close circle of friends. Other people choose to change their name, their pronouns, their style of dress, and their appearance to be congruent with their gender identity. Still others choose to take hormones and have surgery to medically alter their appearance. As you decide which, if any, steps to take, it can help to talk about these feelings with others, such as a mental health professional who is competent with gender identity issues, friends and family members you trust, and other transgender people. You should express yourself the way you feel most comfortable, without pressure from others. This answer should be typical, but sure not in Lebanon. That’s because of:

1-      Legally: Lebanese laws don’t mention anything about Transsexuality or transgender people, which by means of a simple law rule, things that are not mentioned in law, don’t hold consequences. This might sound good to some of you, actually it’s not as good as it sounds. Most transgender will consider at some point to undergo (SRS), plastic surgeries, and a 180 degree changes, in their look and appearance, as well as changing their name and gender on ID cards. lack of laws that govern such things, will hold later on consequences, you might face problems, when travelling, at school, university, or if you faced legal issues, and you went to jail! Not mentioning that the person in the ID is not you anymore.

2-         Socially: most transgender in Lebanon, at least those who I know, faced serious issues with their parents and surroundings. Most of them left their parents, quit on studying, got fired from their work, and the most horrible thing they were rejected, they just decided to start a whole new life.

We all know how starting a new life would look like, some just went to prostituting. Others had to work in kitchens while they hold a BS degree in social science. Their only fault was that they are transgender.

3-      Medically: Lebanon’s medical field is full of very good doctors and psychiatric. However most physicians are not qualified to deal with LGBT community, especially transgenders. Most of them still thinks that transgenders are nothing but sick abnormal people, they don’t really know about the right portions of hormones should be prescribed. Most Psychiatric as well, are not qualified to deal with transgender people, which is a crucial part of any transgendered person. Thanks to some LGBT communities in Lebanon, some such as helem, will provide you with some good psychiatrics and physicians that are capable to help you throughout your transition. Not mentioning that none of medical insurance company covers any kind medicines related to Transsexuality.

What Does Being Transgender Mean about My Sexual Orientation? Am I Gay or Straight or What?

As a matter of fat you can still be gay even if you undergo full SRS. It only depends on what you self-consideration. This means that for example if you were “Male to female”, even when you transition, you could be still attracted to females, which make you lesbian, or you might be attracted to males, which will make you straight, or even you might be pansexual, attracted to all gender expressions, it’s only love, it cause no harm J.

What about Sexually Transmitted Infections, HIV, and Pregnancy?


Remember that not having sex is the surest way to avoid unintended pregnancy as well as HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs). In fact, many youth choose to show affection through activities such as hugging, kissing, talking, and massage. If you choose to have sex, be responsible and talk with your partner about methods of protection for both of you. It’s your responsibility and your partner’s to protect both of you from unwanted outcomes.

Transgender people can have a hard time finding safer sex information that speaks in language that reflects how they feel about their body. Because many may feel that their biological body doesn’t reflect their gender identity, they may use different terms for body parts. Finding information that corresponds to an internal/emotional body concept can be difficult. No matter how transgender youth label sexual body parts, some or all of the following tips apply to each:

  • For vaginal intercourse where there is a risk of pregnancy, use a latex or polyurethane condomand also another effective method of contraception, such as birth control pills or Depo-Provera.
  • When touching someone else’s genitals with your hands, use a latex or polyurethane barrier, such as surgical gloves.
  • For oral sex, regardless of the genital area that the mouth touches, use a condom, a dental dam, or saran wrap.
  • For anal intercourse, always use a latex or polyurethane condom with non-petroleum based lubrication, such as KY Jelly.
  • When sharing sex toys, always use a latex or polyurethane condom with non-petroleum based lubrication.

Two important tips:

  • Lubrication—Do not use petroleum- or oil-based lubricants with latex condoms because such lubricants weaken and/or destroy the latex. Use only water-based lubricants, such as KY Jelly. Avoid using nonoxynol-9, because it may cause irritation and increase the risk of infection with HIV or other STIs.
  • Remember that blood-to-blood contact is the surest route for HIV infection. Sharing drug paraphernalia or needles—whether for piercing or tattooing the body, taking medications, or using drugs—is highly dangerous, since blood left on the used equipment or needle will come into contact with your blood as soon as you use the equipment or needle. Avoid sharing needles, razors, or other such paraphernalia, for any purpose.

How Do I learn to Like Myself?

If you have just discovered or recognized that you are transgender, remember that you are normal and you are likeable, just as you are. With big discoveries come big life changes, and it is normal to feel nervous, apprehensive, and upset about the days ahead. Remember, too, that discovering something this important about yourself can be a truly amazing experience. You are one step ahead on the journey of discovering who you truly are, and with that journey, the world becomes full of possibilities as well as challenges. You are getting to know another part of yourself, and this is truly a wonderful opportunity!

Always remember being yourself is a wonderful, and no matter what you are, who you are just be yourself. Again I really want to thank Helem, and other LGBT communities in Lebanon for making this country a better place to live in. Remember IT WILL GET BETTER.



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